Sunday, August 31, 2014

September Calendar Boy- Wylie


Rescued        May 2012
Wylie was three years old when he was surrendered by his owner to Arizona Golden Retriever Connection.  He appeared to have lived a happy life until his family moved out of state, and “couldn’t take Wylie along.”  Like Logan, our “Mr. January”, Wylie had no forewarning that his life was about to change.  Unlike Logan, Wylie had a much more difficult time transitioning to the change.   
Wylie was described by his previous owner as a sweet gentle,  and calm dog who should be placed in a family with other dogs or children.  However, within a couple of days of his surrender, Wylie became stressed.  It was quickly apparent that Wylie had issues with being touched, especially around his head, and he did not have much in the way of obedience training.  In addition, Wylie seemed to be uncomfortable around other dogs and did not seem to like children.  At this point, he was one confused and unhappy Golden.  Then, to make matters even more difficult, Wylie’s foster family were going on vacation and Wylie needed to be boarded.  For a dog already stressed, this was not a good situation.  But once again, the AZGRC angels found a foster home that would be perfect for Wylie.  
Kelly, an animal lover, had recently purchased her first home and was excited about fostering a rescue dog.  When she learned about Wylie, Kelly was ready for the challenge.  She offered the quiet, safe environment that Wylie needed to begin healing.  Over the next several weeks, Kelly worked with an animal behaviorist to give Wylie consistency and structure and to rebuild his confidence and trust.  By August, Wylie had not only rediscovered his Golden personality, he had worked his way into Kelly’s heart.  Wylie was officially adopted and Kelly was now his forever Mom.
Today, Wylie gets to go to doggy daycare when mom is at work and loves to play with the other dogs.  He is also attending agility classes.  In October, Wylie met Kelly’s year-and-a-half-old nephew and loved him.  Wylie followed the toddler around and tried to share toys.  As Kelly says “Wylie is not only kiddo-approved but I think he actually enjoys munchkins!”  Way to go, Wylie!


How Sam Sees It said...

Always love a happy ending!

Monty and Harlow

AMC said...

Such a happy ending for Wylie! He was just waiting for the perfect home!