Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Any New Year Resolutions for 2015?

Hey Friends of Furries

Here is a last minute chance to help our Goldens for 2014!
Your gift will help decorate our virtual HOLIDAY CACTUS while helping give our Golden Retrievers the chance at a new life.  When we receive your donation, a light, ornament or gift will go up, along with your personal holiday message on our GIFT OF RESCUE HOLIDAY MESSAGE BOARD

AZGRC Gift of Rescue
For the love of the Goldens….
AZGRC’s annual holiday fundraiser,
the Gift of Rescue, is now underway!
gift of rescue ornamentThis year's collectible holiday ornament is a symbol of our love for our four legged friends.  There are only 100 of these special ornaments.  Don't miss your chance to add this one to your collection. 

And for those making New Year Health Changes.......
Here is a great App to add to your phone. You can  collect the miles and cash while you and your furry friend get some time outside walking. 

Walk For A DogDon’t just take your dog for a walk… Take your Walk for a Dog! Go to, download the app, and support Arizona Golden Retriever Connection every time you walk your dog.

Thank you for all your support in 2014 and See you in 2015!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Last Minute Shopping and Holiday Hazards for Pets

Only a few more days of Holiday Shopping left. It will be very hard to buy and ship gifts at this late date, but you can go to our website and still have time to shop for Amazon Gift Cards and Gift of Rescue.
Please read below about all the holiday hazards for our furry friends.**

AZGRC Gift of Rescue
For the love of the Goldens….
AZGRC’s annual holiday fundraiser,
the Gift of Rescue, is now underway!
gift of rescue ornamentThis year's collectible holiday ornament is a symbol of our love for our four legged friends.  There are only 100 of these special ornaments.  Don't miss your chance to add this one to your collection. 

There is still time to buy gift cards and send to your favorite person. 

Winter Plants:  Although they look pretty, many holiday plants can be poisonous to pets.  Mistletoe, Poinsettias, Holly and Christmas Cactus are all extremely toxic and can cause severe gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and neurologic effects if ingested.  Christmas trees are also hazardous because not only are the pine needles poisonous, but also because of the bacteria and fertilizer harbored in the water stands (which pets are known to drink).  Additionally, decorations such as tinsel can also be very noxious if consumed.
Festive Foods:  Meats and sweets are treats that pets beg for, but are serious no no’s when it comes to your pet’s health.  Turkey and other holiday meats are very high in protein, but if meats in their natural form are not a regular part of their diet, they can be hard to digest, which can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, or inflammation of the pancreas.  Chocolate may be the best-known food danger for pets because it contains caffeine.  Dogs in particular do not metabolize these stimulants in their liver, and elevations in heart rate, blood pressure, or even seizures, coma, or death can occur.  Of course, all candy is high in sugar, which can cause digestive issues for all pets.
“During the holiday season, we want to ensure that everyone enjoys a fun and safe celebration, which includes taking a few extra precautions for your beloved pets,” remarked Dr. Patrick Mahaney.  “Just avoiding the hazardous elements that pose even a remote threat to your pets could make a huge difference in their health and wellness.”
Heating Sources:  Pets may enjoy cozying up near the fireplace to bask in the warmth, but this activity is dangerous because of the exposure to flames and increased temperatures that can potentially burn their skin.  In addition, pet parents need to be extra cautious when exposing their furry friends to electric blankets and space heaters because these electrical items can become toxic or harmful.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Thoughts

Christmas Thoughts……………………..
Mom left us home alone last night and we got to thinking how sad we were without mom.  Then we realized how blessed we are to have extra special soft foam beds, lots of toys, all the food, and the yummy treats. We get hugs, brushings, and lots of love. Then we remembered mom was at a party celebrating all the rescue workers that made our blessings possible. There are so many to thank. The shelter walker that found us in the jail, the lady that answered the phone when our owners said they could no longer keep us, the wonderful people that found us great foster homes, and the vets that made us healthy, and that is only  a few of the many that made our new lives possible.

We are sad for all the other furry friends that were in the shelter, sleeping outside in the cold, and those that were walking around the communities with no home and no one to love them.  So after sharing a few of our great yummy treats, we decided to write this note to all of you.

YOU make the difference. YOU provide our blessings!  Thank all of you for supporting the organization that makes all of this possible.  As the year comes to a close, remember….without your support…………..all of us furry friends would not be so blessed.



Sunday, November 30, 2014

Time to Turn the Calendar Page and Meet Mr December


Rescued:   December 2012
Nicholas was found at the local shelter, as close to death as any dog can be.  No one was going to even consider rescuing a dog that was not only well advanced in years, but had a horrific, maggot-filled cancerous growth on the side of his face.  No one that is, but the Arizona Golden Retriever Connection angels of rescue.  Nick was removed from the shelter on December 12 and taken to a veterinary clinic for evaluation.  From there Nick began what would become his miraculous journey of healing, fueled by an unprecedented outpouring of love and support.
Nick’s story was placed on AZGRC’s Facebook page and the rest, as they say, is history.  Within days, Nick became a “poster dog” of what animal rescue is all about.  Nicholas captured the hearts of people across the state, and even in different parts of the country.  Nick’s foster Mom kept a journal of Nick’s progress throughout 2013; from his first days after the surgery to remove the growth on his face, through his days enjoying life with his canine siblings, and his many two-legged and four-legged friends; and through his long battle with cancer.  Nick’s photos and excerpts from his journal appeared on Facebook, the AZGRC website, and the AZGRC newsletter.  It is a story of a dog who conquered pain, hardship, and abuse with courage, dignity, and a trusting and loving heart.
Nick is in the twilight of his life, but the remainder of his days on earth will be Golden.  When Nick is called across the Rainbow Bridge, he will cross not as a lost dog, but as a beloved family member who continues to live in the hearts of all who love him.  That's the promise made to each dog rescued by the volunteers, fosters, and adopters of Arizona Golden Retriever Connection.  That's what rescue is all about.

Monday, November 24, 2014

30 Days to Christmas

We have completed all of our shopping...have you? We went to the dogs and found all of our gifts for our families and friends. Look at these great sites to complete your problem parking and no crowds!!!!

The holiday shopping season has begun and AZGRC has many different items available this year for everyone on your shopping list.  Check out all these great items; they are sure to be a hit!

Arizona Golden Retriever Winery

This year the wine labels that can be customized with your own favorite photo.  You also have the option of purchasing the wine from AZGRC's 2015 collection, which features some of the Goldens from this year's wine label contest.

CLICK HERE To Go To Benefit Wines Website 

2015 AZGRC Calendar

And don't forget to pick up one of the favorite gifts of the holiday season, the 2015 AZGRC calendar featuring many of the wonderful Goldens we've rescued.  This beautiful calendar is only $10 and shipping for the calendars is free.

CLICK HERE To Purchase


If you haven't checked out AZGRC's CafĂ© Press merchandise page recently, the 2015 calendar dogs are available on many of the items such as notebooks, notecards, mugs, and the new items such as the padfolio.  We also have a brand new t-shirt that is perfect for anyone who has Goldens, "I was rescued by a Golden Retriever", which was designed by Rick Forgus from Atomic Werewolf Studios.

CLICK HERE To Go To the AZGRC/Cafe Press Store


There are also great stocking stuffers available for the chocolate lovers out there.  You can purchase the rescue chocolate; just CLICK HERE and select AZGRC.

Amazon Smile

During this holiday season, don't forget that any shopping you do at AmazonSmile can also benefit AZGRC by simply selecting AZGRC as your charity of choice.
CLICK HERE To Go To Amazon Smile


Those of you who use GoodSearch as your favorite search engine already know that GoodSearch gives back to AZGRC for every search.  But did you know that GoodShop does the same? Check out the coupons for many online sites.  Shop on GoodShop Sunday, November 30th and SAVE.  Selected retailers will double their donations back to AZGRC on that day.   Learn More and start shopping!  Sign Up for GoodSearch.


And last but not least, our annual AZGRC Gift of Rescue is now underway on the AZGRC website.  This year the first 100 donations of $100 or more will receive a beautiful ornament. CLICK HERE to donate and write your message.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support and have a safe and happy holiday season!