Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Meet Mr. October- Monty

Rescued        February 2010
Upon Monty’s rescue from the local shelter, it quickly became apparent why his previous owners had abandoned him.  Monty had a reflection obsessive compulsive disorder.  Simply put, Monty was obsessed with light.  Any shiny reflection made it impossible to focus.  Monty could not eat out of a metal bowl if it reflected light; he could not be around anyone wearing a watch or shiny jewelry of any kind.  Anything that caused a beam of light put Monty in a trance.  He was so thin he was almost emaciated.  This was a special young Golden that needed a very special family. 
Several adopters came to meet Monty but could not get beyond the way Monty was easily distracted.  When Monty’s foster mom first met Aaron and Christine, she was sure that Monty was in for another disappointment because Aaron wore a shiny prosthetic leg.  Monty fooled his foster mom and immediately bonded with Aaron and Christine.  Monty was sure this was his forever mom and dad! 
Monty went home with his new parents and met his new older brother Sam, a seven-year-old Golden.  Aaron, Christine and even Sam were very patient with Monty and helped him work through his OCD.  Because of their love and care, Monty is now a beautiful happy Golden.  Monty still deals with his sunbeam distraction, but only for a little bit in the morning and the rest of the day he is good.  Monty’s favorite thing is a blanket that is named Wendella.  When Monty is down or has done something naughty, he goes and gets Wendella and covers his head.
Monty’s life became even better when his mom and dad took in a puppy named Harlow.  Monty LOVES his new baby sister and enjoys having a playmate closer to his age.  For Monty, his family is all the sunshine he will ever need!

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Anonymous said...

Monty is a lucky dog to have found such a loving family.