Sunday, February 1, 2015

Meet Mr Jack Valentine- AKA Mr February

My name is Jack; I am the luckiest Golden Retriever. One day I was on the hot streets of Arizona, and the next I was in jail with a group of yappy unhappy dogs. People looked at me and saw that I had TICKS and just moved on by. Then these really nice people came and took me and my TICKS out of jail.
That was my first day of freedom and TICKS. Now I have the life. First I had to convince my furry family that I was a cool dude, and then I had to work on my mom and dad. This was supposed to be a short stay but I wormed my way into their family and now they all love me. I even love my crazy sister Marley!
I have taught my mom and dad how to catch tennis balls. Everyone thinks the families make the decision of who to adopt, but it is really us smart dogs!

Guess what? It is almost Valentine Day, so I need to work on Dad to make me some yummy cookies!

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How Sam Sees It said...

We hope you get all the cookies you want, sweet Jack!

Monty and Harlow