Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello March and Remembering Mr March 2015


Rescued        JANUARY 2012
“My name in Morgan, and I hate everyone because everyone hates me.  Some humans put a noose around my neck and then locked me in a cage.  I stay outside and growl if anyone comes near me.  My ear hurts really bad and I cough a lot, but nobody cares.  There are two ladies I think could be nice.  They gave me some cheese and meat.  I don’t snarl at them.  They are quiet, and I feel calm with them.  Maybe not everybody hates me.  Maybe I do have some friends.”
Some dogs when rescued are sick in body, some in sprit.  Some are just scared and don’t know what to expect next.  Morgan was all three.  Scheduled for euthanasia, Morgan was considered too aggressive for public adoption. He was very thin, had badly infected ears and a terrible cough. Here was a dog who had lost all his spirit and had no hope left inside him.  However, when the AZGRC volunteers entered his cage, Morgan was nervous but somehow recognized that help had come at last.  Over the next three months, Morgan’s foster dad showed him that not everyone in the world was bad.  Morgan slowly became more content and less afraid.  He started to reach out for attention and show signs of playfulness.  A thousand miles away, two former AZGRC Board members saw Morgan’s photo on the AZGRC website.
Mike and Tim are Golden Retriever lovers and animal rescue advocates who now live in Texas.  They believe that a dog badly in need of love and care is the best kind of dog to own.  When they saw Morgan’s photo on the AZGRC website and heard his story, they had to meet him.  So Morgan took a long car ride to Dallas, Texas in hopes of finding his forever home.
Morgan tells us what happened.  When I met my new dads, Mike and Tim, I liked them right away.  I was very scared at first, but they told me they would take care of me and love me.  They were quiet and petted me very gently.  When they took me to my new home, I found I could go for long walks and even visit other animals like a horse and llama.  My dads feed me lots of good food and play with me a lot.  They take me for long rides in the car, and it is so much fun!  I still get scared, but my Dads love me and I love them.  I know I can count on them to keep me safe.  My foster Dad was right.  The world can be a good place and even dogs like me can find a forever home.     
Morgan spent two wonderful years with Mike and Tim.  He took long rides in the car, loved his walks in the country, and even enjoyed the company of his Golden Retriever neighbors.  Sadly, Morgan journeyed across the Rainbow Bridge in May 2014.  Even though the 2015 calendar had not yet gone to print, there was never a thought to replace “Mr. March”. Mike and Tim would not want it any other way.  They believe that animal rescue is about saving the “unsavable”.  Morgan was such a rescue.  But before he crossed the Bridge, Morgan had found a place to call home and a love that would never fail him.  In the end, that’s what matters most.

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LBJ said...

Mike and Tim were wonderful dog parents and I wish I could thank them in person. Thank you for sharing that wonderful story---it does my heart good.

LB Johnson - Author of The Book of Barkley and dog mom to Abby the rescue lab

Sinyala Gal said...

Morgan was one special dog. RIP glad you found love with Tim And Mike.

Sinyala Gal said...

Morgan was one special dog. RIP glad you found love with Tim And Mike.