Thursday, April 7, 2016

Facebook Event to help Butters

On March 15th, we received a call from Dr. Grant
at VETMED Consultants.  Butters, a 10-week-old Golden Retriever,
had been brought in because he had Parvo.  His family was heartbroken. 
They could not afford the potentially very expensive treatment to
save Butters’ life so they made the selfless decision to surrender
him to Arizona Golden Retriever Connection.  Since then,
Butters has been receiving 24-hour care by the wonderful staff at VETMED.
Starting April 1st and continuing through April 15th, we’re having an online fundraiser and Facebook party with Origami Owl to raise money to cover Butters’ medical expenses.  AZGRC will receive 30% of sales (before taxes and shipping); at the same time, you can buy jewelry for Mother’s Day, Graduation, or a birthday.  To shop for the fundraiser, click on the Shopping Link below; it is not necessary to have a Facebook account to participate in the fundraiser. 
If you haven’t checked out Origami Owl recently, there are many new items such as:  college logo charms, specific dog breed charms, Major League Baseball team charms, Swarovski crystals, and a bridal collection.

Throughout the Facebook event we will play games, learn about the jewelry, and information will be provided on how to build lockets.  You will have the opportunity to win free jewelry, during the first week of the Facebook event, by participating in the games; the person with the most points gets a prize.  There will also be other prizes during the games such as free charms or dangles. 

If sales reach $1,000, a raffle will be held for a special hostess exclusive. Keep an eye on Facebook because the raffle will be held there!  The person with the highest bid will win the hostess exclusive.

CLICK HERE to read an update on Butters or to donate. 

SHOPPING LINK for fundraiser:

CLICK HERE to participate in games / the Facebook party:
SHIPPING:  Available only to United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

          Thank you very much for your support.


LBJ said...

If I can donate any autographed copies of The Book of Barkley for any fundraiser, please let me know.

joy whitlatch said...

L.B. So very kind of you. I will contact you when we do an auction fundraiser. Joy