Sunday, November 30, 2014

Time to Turn the Calendar Page and Meet Mr December


Rescued:   December 2012
Nicholas was found at the local shelter, as close to death as any dog can be.  No one was going to even consider rescuing a dog that was not only well advanced in years, but had a horrific, maggot-filled cancerous growth on the side of his face.  No one that is, but the Arizona Golden Retriever Connection angels of rescue.  Nick was removed from the shelter on December 12 and taken to a veterinary clinic for evaluation.  From there Nick began what would become his miraculous journey of healing, fueled by an unprecedented outpouring of love and support.
Nick’s story was placed on AZGRC’s Facebook page and the rest, as they say, is history.  Within days, Nick became a “poster dog” of what animal rescue is all about.  Nicholas captured the hearts of people across the state, and even in different parts of the country.  Nick’s foster Mom kept a journal of Nick’s progress throughout 2013; from his first days after the surgery to remove the growth on his face, through his days enjoying life with his canine siblings, and his many two-legged and four-legged friends; and through his long battle with cancer.  Nick’s photos and excerpts from his journal appeared on Facebook, the AZGRC website, and the AZGRC newsletter.  It is a story of a dog who conquered pain, hardship, and abuse with courage, dignity, and a trusting and loving heart.
Nick is in the twilight of his life, but the remainder of his days on earth will be Golden.  When Nick is called across the Rainbow Bridge, he will cross not as a lost dog, but as a beloved family member who continues to live in the hearts of all who love him.  That's the promise made to each dog rescued by the volunteers, fosters, and adopters of Arizona Golden Retriever Connection.  That's what rescue is all about.

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