Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Thoughts

Christmas Thoughts……………………..
Mom left us home alone last night and we got to thinking how sad we were without mom.  Then we realized how blessed we are to have extra special soft foam beds, lots of toys, all the food, and the yummy treats. We get hugs, brushings, and lots of love. Then we remembered mom was at a party celebrating all the rescue workers that made our blessings possible. There are so many to thank. The shelter walker that found us in the jail, the lady that answered the phone when our owners said they could no longer keep us, the wonderful people that found us great foster homes, and the vets that made us healthy, and that is only  a few of the many that made our new lives possible.

We are sad for all the other furry friends that were in the shelter, sleeping outside in the cold, and those that were walking around the communities with no home and no one to love them.  So after sharing a few of our great yummy treats, we decided to write this note to all of you.

YOU make the difference. YOU provide our blessings!  Thank all of you for supporting the organization that makes all of this possible.  As the year comes to a close, remember….without your support…………..all of us furry friends would not be so blessed.



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How Sam Sees It said...

So true! Thank you everyone at AZGRC who take the time to help pups in need!

Monty and Harlow