Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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2014 AZGRC Calendar - June
Rescued        May 2011 & May 2012
Jake and Enzo came to AZGRC at different times and at different points in their lives.  Jake was a pet shop puppy and only seven months old.  Enzo was closing in on two years old and was a stray from the local shelter.  Jake was a very calm pup, liked to cuddle, and walked well on a leash.  Enzo liked to play a little rough, had some separation anxiety issues, and was an “escape artist”.  But like most Goldens, both dogs shared a zest for life, possessed kind and loving hearts, and a true desire to please those they loved.  
Jake and Enzo found they had something else in common; a shared destiny to be adopted by parents Rick and Yanna, Golden Retriever lovers extraordinaire!  Today, calm Jake is a certified therapy dog and athletic Enzo is a competitive Dock Diving dog.  This spring Enzo went to the finals and won a third place ribbon overall!  In their spare time, Jake and Enzo enjoy playing with their canine siblings, swimming in the family pool, and relaxing with their loving and needless to say, very proud parents.
Jake and Enzo are true ambassadors of their breed and of animal rescue.  They are examples of what patience, kindness, and lots of love can accomplish with a “throw away pet shop puppy” and an unwanted “runner” left homeless.  Jake and Enzo started their life’s journey in different places.  But AZGRC and, according to mom Yanna, two “over the Bridge canine angels” brought them together and into the forever home they were always meant to have.
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