Saturday, June 20, 2015

Special Fund Raiser for Della

On June 23rd we are hosting an online fundraiser to help Della get her new prosthetic paw. This custom bracelet is available only for this one day event. 
$15.00 of the purchase price of this bracelet helps Della. 

25% of all other items on the website will also help Della. Check out this beautiful jewelry at 

BUT please wait until June 23rd to order.
There are many special items at this site and I know you will have fun scoping out the goodies, but please wait to order until June 23rd. AZGRC will receive 25%on all items ordered from the website and if you order the bracelet, we will receive $15.00. 

This bracelet can only be seen on the website June 23rd.
IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION:  When measuring your wrist for bracelets, please measure as the video describes at
This will ensure the correct fit for the bracelet; otherwise it will not fit snugly. 
**Be sure to include your wrist size, which is the circumference of your wrist in inches, not your bracelet size.  Your EXACT wrist circumference is needed so do not add the extra ½ inch like the video suggests.

Let’s make the event a success and change Della’s world! Thank you for your support.

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