Friday, June 5, 2015

Thunderstorm Phobia

This is not normal weather for June in Arizona. How many of you spent last night and today with your dogs trying to crawl into bed with you? Monsoons start in July, but you may need those anti-anxiety therapies now for your furry friends.  Also, these storms may spook your pets, so be prepared!

Here are a few things you can do:
  • Microchip your pet
  • Keep a current picture of your pet on your phone or computer
  • Collar with ID
Thunderstorm Remedies:
For those pets that do not like thunder and lightening, here are some things to try.

Give the dog a safe place where he can go in a storm.

Consider a snug garment. Thundershirts work well for some dogs. 

Ask your veterinarian for advice. Do not use over the counter medications unless verified by your vet.

Natural therapy can work-Rescue Remedy. Close curtains and turn up the sound of TV or play music.

Please share what works best for your pets. 


LBJ said...

We have a very narrow deep closet (100 year old house) that Abby goes into. But that wasn't enough for 4th of July noise that went on all day here in Chicago. I'm going to get her a Thundershirt.


joy whitlatch said...

We do use a Thundershirt also and find it quite effective. One of my dogs likes under my desk or under the table. Sometimes he hides in the bathtub.

Brett said...

My golden retriever, Jett, was never overly scared of thunderstorms. During the first 'bang' he might raise his head, but he would never freak out or crawl into bed with me. It could have been because when he was a puppy we traveled to northern Ontario often. We experienced the craziest thunderstorms up there and those must have desensitized him over time. However, fireworks were a different story. In Canada we celebrate our Confederation on July 1st, and of course like the 4th of July, there are tons of fireworks. Jett would run around the house and start barking at every pop, bang, and fizzle! My advice would be just to keep them indoors during a storm or firework display, especially if they are known to be stressed out by them!