Thursday, July 31, 2014

August Calendar Girl Franny

Rescued        August 2008
Franny, along with her daughter, Sonoma were strays picked up by the local animal shelter after they were found wandering the streets on a hot summer day.  Franny was about seven years old and Sonoma about two.  Both Goldens had no licenses, were not spayed, and both tested positive for Valley Fever.  Franny also had ear infections and a cut on her tail and leg.  After being in the shelter for several days and no one coming to claim them, the dogs faced an uncertain future.  Franny, the older of the two dogs most likely would have been on the euthanasia list. 
That’s when Arizona Golden Retriever Connection came to the rescue.  Soon Franny and Sonoma were safely in the home of legendary AZGRC fosters Kara and Bob, along with their canine “Healing Triangle” of Chelsea, Coco Chanel and Ben.  Exhausted and frightened, Franny and Sonoma received the medical attention they needed along with lots of love, patience and understanding.  
Like with other rescued pairs, AZGRC looked for a forever family that would want to keep the girls together: for awhile, it appeared that the right family had been found.  Young Sonoma was very happy to have children to play with, and enjoyed the company of her new canine sister, 10-year-old Latte.  However, Franny seemed to feel differently.   After a couple of months, Franny’s family was concerned that Franny was a “runner” and would get out and be hit by a car.  Unlike Sonoma, Franny was not fond of Latte.  Perhaps Franny knew there could be only one “mother Golden” in the family.  So, in her own way, Franny made it known that her search for a forever home was not over. 
Soon after Franny returned to Bob and Kara, their friend Cindy’s mother passed away suddenly.  When Cindy returned from her mother’s funeral, Bob and Kara picked up Cindy at the airport, along with Cindy’s Labrador Hey Joe.  Franny came along as well.  During the ride home, Franny stayed close to Cindy.  Somehow Franny recognized this was her forever mom and it didn’t take long for Cindy to know it as well. 
Five years later, Franny is a happy, healthy senior Golden.  She loves to visit her foster mom and dad, but is happiest when mom is by her side. For Cindy, “Franny has brought joy and love to my home. She played a vital role in guiding me during my deepest grief. Franny has become famous at my workplace on dog day, where people flock to my desk to give her attention and to shake paws.  Although her face is white now, she remains as playful as ever. She loves flopping on her back and rolling in the grass and lying on the top step of swimming pools to cool her belly. I can’t imagine life without my Franny.”
It is sometimes almost mystical how the “rescuers” are led by the “rescued” to their forever homes.  Perhaps it’s just a lucky coincidence and perhaps it’s something more that placed Franny and Sonoma with the families where they truly belonged.

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AMC said...

I didn't know Franny's whole store. This was great! Lucky Franny!