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Rescued        March 2012

Sally and Sophie were dropped off together at the local shelter.  There was no history about the dogs.  It was assumed they were litter-mates.  What was obvious was how much they needed each other.
Like most animal rescues, Arizona Golden Retriever Connection will make every attempt to keep a bonded pair together.  That is not always easy because finding available fosters for not one, but two grown dogs is quite a challenge.  It becomes even more of a challenge when summer vacations begin, and the two dogs needing a place to stay are somewhat mischievous!  In one vacation foster home, Sally and Sophie got bored and tore up an entire mattress pad.  Of course they had a great time, but didn’t endear themselves to their foster dad!  At another vacation foster home, the girls decided some decorative flowers would look better scattered across the yard than in the planter on the patio.  In yet another home, they pestered the foster family’s resident dog.  It took “a village” of six wonderful and very patient vacation fosters to get through the summer, but Sally and Sophie managed to stay together.  
In August 2012, five months after their rescue, Sally and Sophie found their forever home with retired couple Nancy and Stan.  It seemed that Sally and Sophie, and Stan and Nancy knew they were all meant to be together.   Even though the girls can sometimes be a handful, their parents take it all in stride.  Love for each other makes all the difference! 
In a note to AZGRC, the girls’ mom wrote “Sally and Sophie have been the greatest joy to us, since adopting them.  They are so much fun to be around and have such great personalities!  They have settled in like two peas in a pod!  We just love them and are so glad that we adopted them!  They follow my husband around like his shadow, which he loves.  They have brought the laughter back into this house and a smile on my husband’s face.  He missed our other two Golden's so much!  Now he has two more girls to talk to.  Before we began looking for a dog, I even asked God to help us find a dog that was suited to us and He did!  He found us not one, but two dogs!

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