Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bob home alone with my sisters

We have been left at home. I knew something was up when I saw the suitcase. Mom waits until the last minute to bring out the suitcase and then I start acting up.

I hate the suitcase because that means she is going away. Moms are not allowed to leave and not take us.
Since there are three of us now, it is hard to all go together in the car, and I do not like traveling anyway, but still moms should not leave.

Mom takes good care of us even though she is not here. Aunty Connie stays with us. Connie has been here since I have been here. She loves dogs and sometimes she has her grandson visit. He loves all of us and knows how to be with dogs. But I still get my pouty face on when I see the suitcase and I go and get in my dog cave and look sad.
There are special things mom does for us when she is gone to keep us safe and let Connie know what to do in case of emergency.

  • list of phone numbers of important dog people like my vet. They have all my records.
  • list of family friends that could help take care of me in case of an emergency
  • list of any medications we may take
  • list of what I eat and when
  • list of treats I can have
  • paper that says Connie can take me to the vet and they can treat me until they reach mom
  • she also leaves a list of what to do with me when there are thunderstorms
  • list of all the ways to reach mom
  • mom makes special treats for us. she made fruit popsicles this time
I guess it is okay if mom leaves sometimes. I really do not like crowds anyway. I get too nervous.
I do have my Golden Calendar and am pawing off the days until her return. 


Sam said...

I hate leaving my pups!

Monty and Harlow

AMC said...

This is great advice!! Having everything in order makes it easier being away.